Welcome to Katakolon to Olympia Bus Service!

For Katakolon to Olympia Bus Service, passenger safety is of significant importance and achieved through the installation of safety belts on all seats inside the coaches.
Increased stability thanks to the right planning of the coach chassis ensuring greatest safety.
Moreover, in modern coaches also attention is given to the right lighting, for better visibility in adverse weather conditions (XENON lights), full mirror system thanks to which the driver has visibility from all sides.
ABS, ASR and ESP systems, disk brakes on front wheels ensuring increased safety and at the same time shock absorption.
Quality service to passengers in combination with safety and consistency in route execution.
Continuous improvement of stay and travel conditions for passengers.
By replacing the obsolete coaches with new state-of-the-art vehicles.
Passenger seats are manufactured in such manner as to offer the maximum possible comfort to the passenger in combination with maximum possible safety. 
Correct design of the seat with possibility of tilting the back as well as moving the seat to the left or to the right so that the passenger may sit comfortably.
The cabin air conditioning is considered an integral part of the overall modernisation. According to the European Union all coaches must be manufactured with air conditioning.
A great step towards passenger entertainment has been made and now all coaches are equipped with TV-DVD that makes the journey more pleasant.
A great step towards the protection of the environment was made through the new generation engines, of which the systems remain below the limits set out by the European Union in standard EURO III. This means a significant reduction in exhaust and pollutants emission levels to the environment.
Moreover, the refrigerants used do not contain the freo R12 which was harmful to the environment and massively used in air conditioning systems, now replaced with the environment friendly freo R134A.